Product Quality Inspection



Production line inspection equipment for complete quality control and contamination detection


Total Product Inspection Solutions for processing and packaging

Focused on the key aspects of industrial product inspection, the METTLER TOLEDO PI division is the market leader in its field. We are a highly resourced business committed to innovation and new developments, dedicated to serving the needs of our customers by addressing their challenges of today and in the future. As part of a global business we are able to draw on a wealth of industry experience developed by working in true partnership with our customers worldwide.


Solutions for all markets

Experience gained over many years in the broadest range of industries and applications mean that we have an extensive array of solutions and technologies at our disposal. Our product range includes dynamic checkweighers, sophisticated metal contaminant detectors and cutting-edge X-ray based inspection technology. Whatever your processes or industrial sector, we have solutions to benefit your business and maintain your competitive edge.

The food industry

We can provide solutions for all packaging and processing aspects of the food industry. Applications include the weighing and inspection of wet, dry, fresh and frozen food stuffs in all food sectors. We can also help your business to comply with legal requirements, industry guidelines and codes of practice including IFS and BRC standards.

The pharmaceutical Industry

Our solutions for the pharmaceutical industry include weighing and inspection technology for tablets, capsules, powders and insert documentation. We can also provide assistance in meeting the demands of GMP and our equipment is compatible with CFR 21 part 11 requirements.

The cosmetic and chemical industries

We can provide solutions for the inspection, weighing and sorting of products from bulk liquid, powder and granular chemicals through to small consumer packs such as healthcare products, toothpastes, lotions and detergents

Non-food and non-pharma industries

Our solutions can also be applied to a wide range of other applications including inspection in paper converting, textiles and component manufacture. We can also provide systems to determine piece count by weight, for example, nuts and bolts for D.I.Y markets and the weighing and rejection of out-of-tolerance coin blanks prior to embossing