3PL Billing Management

Billing Management Software for Logistics Services Providers/3PLs


Lower 3PL Costs and Rapidly On-Board New Clients

Whether you call your business a third-party logistics provider (3PL), an outsourced logistics provider (OLP) or a logistics services provider (LSP), HighJump™ Billing Management software can help you improve billing accuracy and service, capture accurate charges on a client-by-client basis and increase profit margins.

HighJump™ Billing Management helps ensure maximum revenue and minimal billing cycle time by enabling activity-based billing of each client according to their distinct attributes. Appropriate charges are automatically generated for storage of goods and any other services you perform as a logistics services provider.

HighJump™ Billing Management's capabilities extend far beyond billing and reporting. This comprehensive solution can also help make your business more attractive to current and potential clients by enabling you to offer more value-added services, superior inventory control and overall cost reduction—making you stand out in a commoditized logistics marketplace.


Benefits of HighJump™ 3PL Billing Management

  • Eliminate many inefficient paper-based processes
  • Create a single billing platform for many supply chain applications involved in providing service
  • Define rate structure contracts at both the client and warehouse level
  • Improve forecasting accuracy
  • Enhance decision-making capability