Supplier Management

Supplier Enablement Software to Strengthen Supplier Communication

Your ability to meet customer demand is directly determined by your suppliers' ability to deliver. But you are likely facing a continuous battle with extended cycle times, material shortages, unplanned receipts, high inventory and transportation costs, vendor compliance issues and difficulty reconciling invoices. These problems could be resolved by having system-to-system communication between you and your suppliers using supplier enablement software.

HighJump™ Supplier Advantage supplier enablement software empowers you to dramatically increase the speed of receiving operations, lower inventory levels and push work such as labeling to your suppliers—whether they're around the corner or across the ocean. A secure Web portal provides the basis for real-time information sharing and improved inventory visibility, critical factors in enhancing collaboration and streamlining supply chain operations. Achieving and maintaining collaboration between your distribution center and your supplier network reduces cycle times through real-time communication of demand, order status and potential exceptions HighJump Supplier Advantage also incorporates robust event management functionality to promote proactive issue identification and resolution. This reduces costs by alerting managers and suppliers (via e-mail, pager, fax or phone) to supply chain events and exceptions.