Yard Management

Conquer the Complexity of Yard Operations With Graphical Yard Management System (YMS) Software


Simplify Yard Transactions With Graphical Drag-and-Drop Functionality

Warehouse management efficiency has a direct correlation to inventory optimization throughout the supply chain. Accomplishing this requires you to truly maximize inventory flow not only inside your warehouse, but also as inventory enters and leaves the yard outside.

The HighJump™ Yard Advantage yard management system (YMS) provides real-time information, intelligent work direction and complete visibility of trucks, trailers, drivers, goods and materials—from the moment they arrive at the gate to the moment they leave your facility. With a graphical interface, you can manage yard transactions easily. Drag-and-drop functionality converts on-screen trailer moves into RF-directed work for yard drivers. At-a-glance symbols display key information such as trailer type, status, disposition, ownership, which trailers are damaged/out of service, and fuel remaining in refrigerated vehicles.


Track the location of trailers and other equipment—no matter where it ends up in the yard—with RFID-based, real-time location tracking. This ensures security and streamlines workflows by providing you with the actual position of equipment in the yard, eliminating time-consuming searches for misplaced trailers. Additionally, dynamic appointment scheduling capabilities will streamline dock assignments, helping to ensure you don't double book docks—even if circumstances change at the last minute.